Tasting is Believing

As a top producer of quality fruit wines in the country, we've surprised a few people with the range and sophistication of our wines. When a local friend shipped a few bottles of Bartlett's Blueberry Reserve to France, the tasters refused to believe it was pressed from blueberries.

Our aging process, which includes using French and American oak, creates wonderfully complex, open-palated wines sure to please even the most dedicated traditionalist. While grape chardonnays imply notes of apple or pear, our dry white wines are pressed from them! Our reds come from local 100% pure hand-raked blueberries that create a robust wine, evocative of the surrounding woods and Atlantic seabreezes. Often we're told that drinking our wine is like tasitng Maine in a glass.

Our tasting room is a beautiful destination in its own right. Located in Gouldsboro on the Schoodic Peninsula, halfway between Ellsworth and the Petit Manon Wildlife Refuge, we're housed in a unique, handwrought stone building. We're just a short drive from picturesque Maine villages and spectacular coastal views and beaches.
So come experience a whole new generation of fruit wines and bring home a delicious memory to savor—in more ways than one.

Our tasting room is open from June-October or off season by appointment. Directions.





















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