A Winemaker’s Dream

We're Bob and Kathe Bartlett, proprietors and vintners of Bartlett Maine Estate Winery. In 1975, we brought our passion and wine-making prowess to this part of Maine. Making quality wine has always been our calling, but back then we knew that grapes wouldn't appreciate the cooler New England climate. Inspiration hit with the low-bush blueberries that cover our coastline. Rich in tannins and bursting with flavor, we knew they'd be an ideal fruit for making wine.

With our first 600 gallons, we opened the doors of Bartlett Maine Estate Winery in 1983. We had eight wines. Emphasizing quality, not quantity we continously tinker with our process. We try new aging techniques and blends to produce fresh, exciting wines that are superbly drinkable and pair magnificently with food. Today we press almost 7,000 cases a year and offer more than twenty varieties, ranging from dry and semi-dry blueberry reds to refreshing pear-apple whites, sweet blackberry dessert wines, and refreshing honey meads.

As our reputation spreads, so does the pressure to industrialize—but at our heart we remain a homegrown locally owned business. We make the wines we want to drink and send to our friends . We hope you'll enjoy them, too.





















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